I am sure I turned one of your books in. Why does it say it's overdue? Answered By: Deirdre Routt
Last Updated: Oct 30, 2021     Views: 383

We are so sorry that this has happened. It could be a few things.

First, it may not have been checked in yet. We check in materials from book drops at certain times during the day and even those returned at a book drop at a desk may take a bit of time to get checked in. When materials from an overnight book drop are checked in they are checked in from the last time we were open. For instance, if you return materials to a branch that is closed on Sunday & Monday after it closed on Saturday those materials get checked in on Tuesday but we check them in as if they were returned on Saturday. 

Second, we may have made a mistake. We are checking in and out thousands of items everyday and mistakes are made. Let us know -- in person, by phone or AskOPL -- and we will look for the item to see if it was reshelved without being checked in. If we cannot find the item we have a process where we can remove it from your checked out list, we call this Claim Return. You can have 3 on your account. When a Claim Return item is found and checked in it is removed from your account.