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I'm looking for this book but I can't remember the name. It's about a girl who goes to work for this really rich family ( a dad, stepmom, and two

I'm looking for this book but I can't remember the name. It's about a girl who goes to work for this really rich family ( a dad, stepmom, and two little girls). The dad was married before and had a child with a woman who is now dead, they had a home business and their secretary is the one who ends up being married to the dad. The stepmother and Dad have a child together and the woman prefers her own child much more than the man's daughter with his previous wife, but doesn't let it show. A girl see's an Ad for babysitting for the family and her mom urges her to contact them to get her daughter away from their horrible living conditions. The girl takes the job and everything goes smoothly for a while and then things start happening that are immensely confusing and have her questioning her mental health. She meets a young very intelligent hot male next door and their relationship quickly escalades, all the while the stepmother begins tightening the belt. Things becoming stricter and stricter for the girl who is also being accused of things she would have never done, by the same woman ( I think Anne is her name) .This book also has a reference to " The girl with the Yellow Wallpaper" . Incidents occur that set the girls teeth even more on edge as the incidents have often to do with the oldest daughter whose only about 4, and remind her of her own sister who drowned on her watch, all having the source being Anne. As the guy next door and the girl do some research things start to unfold, Anne was jealous of her husband's past wife and decided to do something about it by literally cutting the breaks on her car. She chose the girl she did because she knew the girls background and thought that she had purposely killed her sister thinking if she killed the little girl that wasn't her she and her husband could have their own little perfect family with no extra unwanted children from a previous marriage hanging along. The girl is sent to a rehab center when she starts finding out too much and in her forced unstable mind, while the neighbor guy continues digging up things from the past. In the end the woman is sent to jail for murder, the girl works on getting back into a healthy mental state, the dad grieves the truth of his dead wife with his two daughters and the girl and guys relationship grows to the point of living together while the girl gets back on her feet and continues finishing college and the boy begins work as a major genius with technology. They are a couple and have been since about a month after she arrived at the estate. The cover is a green hill with a yellow mansion placed on the top.
The psycho woman's name is " Anne" I think and the cover of the book is a green hill with a yellow mansion situated on top.
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Was it a teen or adult book, and do you remember how long ago you read it?  We should be able to find this one!

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