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I'm looking for a book but I can't remember the name.

It's about this girl who was raised by humans, but in her teens she finds out that she is a fairy. She goes to this "fairy world" which I think is called Avalon (common name, I know, sorry!). She lives in this fairy school for a couple of months. Everyone seems to know who she is but she does not remember the fairy world. She was a very gifted fairy when she was younger. There is this guy who shows her around Avalon and they go to a fairy festival and watch a play. Also, the fairies bloom a flower out of their waist at a certain time. Please help me! Thank you!
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Could it possibly be Wings, by Aprilynne Pike, or its sequel Spells?  The first is where a teenager named Laurel has a "zit" that grows out of her back into a flower, leading her to discover she is a faerie.  In the faerie land (called Avalon) she meets and is attracted to Tamini, who acts as her guide.  The second book is where she goes to the Academy of Avalon, and sets up a love triangle between Laurel, Tamini, and her human boyfriend, David.  Trolls are the bad guys in the series.

If neither one of these are it, we'll keep looking.  Thanks for your question!

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