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I'm looking for a book but can't remember the name, it's about two Asian sisters working at a laundromat with there two very strict parents

These two sisters help their parents at a laundromat. The older sisters is kinda favored but there's still a lot of pressure put on her by her parents to do good in school and everything she does. The little sister, their parents are more strict with her, like they didn't even want to have her in the first place. Then there's also this guy that I think he also work a at the laundromat, he and the older sister have a little romance thing but they keep it secret and then one day he said he wants to leave and pursue a music career and he asks her to runaway with him. It's kinda cliche but not
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I am pretty sure this is Wait for Me, by An Na. Here is a description from Publisher's Weekly

"The summer before her senior year, Mina's web of lies begins to unravel. She has led her mother to believe that she is president of the honor society and headed for Harvard, yet she can barely maintain her average grades. Fellow Korean-American classmate Jonathon Kim, her mother's idea of perfection, has been helping Mina in her deception. After a single sexual encounter with Jonathon, Mina realizes she is paying a high price for her charade. When Mexican teen Ysrael comes to work at their dry-cleaning store, Mina immediately feels drawn to him. Finally Mina has found someone with whom she can be completely honest. Ysrael encourages Mina to leave El Cajon and all of her mother's expectations to start a new life with him in San Francisco. When Mina's mother fires Ysrael for something Mina has done, she must choose between her own desires and the responsibility she feels to her family. The drama unfolds in chapters that alternate between the points of view of Mina and her hearing-impaired younger sister, Suna." 

You can place a hold on it here: 

I hope this helps!

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