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I am looking for an article in the November 16, 1923 edition of the Oregonian Newspaper.

The title was "Roy La Nair, William Stroud and Alfred Weinrech arrested". It was on page 17. All I have is the title, I would like the contents of the article.
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Unfortunately due to space considerations we can only keep copies of local papers, even if it's in microfilm form.  I also checked our online newspaper database and they only have the Oregonian files going back to the 1980s.  The best we can do for you is give you information on who to check with next.  

One option would be to contact the Oregonian itself.  It looks like their website has a way for you to search online for what you're looking for as long as it's for personal use.  See this link for details.  Please note you may have to register with their website to access this feature, and there may be a charge once you do.  I couldn't see those details since we would have had to register as a library.

It's also likely that the Multnomah County Library (which includes the city of Portland, Oregon) would have their own microfilm files of the Oregonian.  You can check their website or give them call at their reference phone number, which is 503.988.5234.  They may charge you a research fee - this varies from library to library.

Thank you for your question and I hope you can get access to your article.

Russ Harper
Library Specialist
Omaha Public Library
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