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I'm looking for a book I can't remember the name

The girl in the book is kidnapped by her brothers father and taken over seas she is saved by her brothers half brother and his friend
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Thanks for asking! I'm going to start you off with a couple possibilities, and if neither's right let me know, but let me know which one seems like it's in the right 'direction' or kind of story. Jasmine Cresswell wrote a book called The Disappearance, it's a romantic suspense novel with some ecological themes, but the family connections between the heroine, kidnapper, and rescuers seem about right. The bad news is, if that's the one you remember, we don't have it in the Omaha Public Library collection, but we can talk about other ways to find it. In a very different direction, but with those themes of international family drama and kidnapping, is Where I Belong by Gillian Cross. 

Does either of those seem right? Are there plot elements that were close but not quite, or were we completely off base? The more information we have, the better we'll be able to run this book down for you. Thanks again for asking! Email back here, and call 402-444-4800 if you need additional assistance. 

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