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looking for a book where a woman becomes ceo of her fathers stores

she gets pregnant young & the baby dies. the girls father tells the boyfriend she gave the baby up
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Thanks for asking! I don't think I've got exactly the right book yet, but we'll get there. A couple of quick questions for you - how long ago did you read the book? Do you remember if it was hardbound or in paperback? Do you remember anything about where the woman lives - was it New York, Chicago, LA? And if it was any kind of specialty store - clothing, shoes, food? 

Just to check a couple of possibilities - I kept getting keyword hits for ReShonda Billingsley' 'A Family Affair.' Is that in the right direction or was it a very different kind of story? It also sounds like a very Danielle Steel plotline - do any books like 'Power Play' ring true? 

Message back and we'll keep trying to run this one down! Thanks again for your question.  

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