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I work in the Reference section of the Grand Island Public Library and we are having a problem with sections of our newspapers disappearing even

though we staple them together. What do you do with your newspapers to prevent a patron from taking all or part of it? Also we are considering getting A-Z database. How do you like it? I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks.
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We have the same problem with newspapers--sometimes it's worse, sometimes better. One thing we instituted with the Sunday papers (of which we only get 3) is to have people sign out for them--not that we can really track them if they don't come back, but it does seem to enforce the idea that we want them back! In the past we have had people sign out any paper--it's a hassle but if we do it for a couple of weeks people seem to stay "trained" for a while. If the situation is dire you could have people leave an ID or something, but that is a lot of trouble and you end up with forgotten IDs, which is its own problem. Walking around the floor periodically to collect papers also helps. 

I like the A-Z database--pretty easy to use, and sometimes has things Ref USA does not have (and vice versa). In addition, it is a good job-hunting and business-research tool. You have to take the time to show patrons how to get the most out of it, but they are very happy once they see what it can do. Do you have any other database that serves similar purposes? If so I would do a comparison; if not, this is a pretty useful one. You just have to get staff to actually use it instead of trying to Google everything.  :)

Martha/Main Library

Answered by Martha GrenzebackBookmark and Share

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