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why can't I comment when the comment badge says " No Age Restrictions"

when I went to look at what badges I could earn it said comment so I looked at it and it said near the top left hand corner no age restrictions but when I wanted to comment it wouldn't let me. Why?
Last Updated: Dec 23, 2017  |  12 Views

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Hello. I spoke to the head of youth services Julie Humphrey. She told me that if you are a child under 13 or if you are logged in with the library card of a child under 13 that you are blocked from commenting because of the federal COPA laws (Child Online Protection Act). If you are logged in with an adult library card and still cannot comment please let me know and I will pass this on to technical services and have them address the issue. Thanks. - John Carlotto

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  1. so why cant I make a quiz or add other stuff to the thing besides the comment I can do it on my moms account that's because of the same reason right and I want to be able to make a quiz im not going to do something wrong but well maybe some kid will though
    by green_jaguar_72 on Aug 08, 2014.
  2. The reason is actually nothing to do with kids' behavior but rather the Children's Internet Protection Act--it is a federal law that says that libraries that receive money from the government must monitor children's online activity in the library and on their website and prevent certain kinds of interaction. To obey the law we don't allow kids to enter "free text"--I know it seems crazy! But it is part of a bigger policy to protect kids on the internet.
    by Martha Grenzeback on Aug 09, 2014.

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