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summer reading program certificate

I saw a link one day about printing a certificate for the summer reading program. I can not find that link again. Please help.
Last Updated: Jul 03, 2014  |  23 Views
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Thanks for your question! It's not that you've misplaced the link - the certificate printer was included by the company that develops our Summer Reading software in our 'open beta'/soft launch in May, but it really didn't work as part of our program. 1. We didn't want people to think they needed to print out a certificate as part of completing the reading program and claiming their prize, because there's really no connection. 2. It showed some incorrect information that made things even more confusing.

For those reasons, we asked that the 'print certificate' button be taken off the website. Don't worry, it's not required for participation. If you'd like to have a physical token of your Summer Reading accomplishments, the coupon sheet, book, and prizes will offer something tangible. And if you want to acknowledge the efforts of a friend or family member, a handwritten note may mean just as much (and be exactly as official!) 

Thanks so much for asking, and for participating in SRP! Please feel free to email back or call 402-444-4800 with additional questions. 

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