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I lost a book, what now?

I recently lost a book, but it isn't overdue yet either. There's still a chance that I could find the book though. What should I do about the book?
Last Updated: Apr 20, 2010  |  186 Views

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You have a couple of options.  If it isn't due yet, you can certainly keep looking for it.  Just make sure that you let us know before it becomes overdue. Once it goes overdue it will accumulate overdue fines on top of the replacement fees!  Just look everywhere you can think, in your room, the car.....  If you still can't find it, just go to your branch library and let one of the staff know.  They will help you get it taken care of.

If you do have to pay a replacement fee, and find it in a few weeks, you can bring the book back and we will refund you part of the fee that you pay us.

Good luck!

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