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comenius school 15 th pine street omah

do you have any photos of comenius school on 15th & pine street omaha? please post some photos . and what happend to the bust of mr Comenius ? thank you
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My colleague has sent you an interesting article from the Omaha World Herald with a photo of Comenius School, but something else has occurred to me--the Durham Museum has some great photos, many of them online. See here for some related to the Comenius school:

Unfortunately, we have not been able to discover what happened to the bust. You might want to contact Omaha Public Schools--they have an archive, I know, though it's difficult to find contact info for it--start with (402) 557-2080, which is the number for the executive director of research.

Hope this helps!

Martha/Main Library

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  1. Thank you so much for having the picture's of the Christ Child Center, and Comenius School on 15th & Pine street , I have looked for these photo's to show my children . I have asked about what ever happened to the bust of Mr Comenius , but no one seem's to know what happened to it , I would also like to know what happened to the plaque that was in Comenius school with the name's of the boy's that made the Rotary Club ? my husband's name was on the plaque .
    by bonnie onik on Oct 09, 2015.
  2. Dear Bonnie,

    That's a tough one! I imagine that it would be with whoever ended up with the historical memorabilia from the school, if it wasn't destroyed. Once again, your best bet might be to check with the Omaha Public Schools archivist. Try Laura Pietsch or Courtney Pentland; their contact info is here:

    I hope this helps!

    Best wishes,

    by Martha Grenzeback on Oct 10, 2015.

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