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Hello, what happened to the Format category, on the left side of the page?

It used to contain "Movies & TV". Now this category is missing, and there are over 1000 possibilities for my search for "Homeland". I know there are the first two DVDs for this TV show in the collection, each day I search this title, in the hopes of finding soon-to-be-released Season 3. How am I to find it, with this category no longer available? NOTE: If I search for "House of Cards", another TV program, it DOES have the "Movies & TV" category.

I recently checked out and returned DVDs for "Mad Men", "Breaking Bad" and "Sons of Anarchy"; I know you still must have them, all popular TV shows, but a title search reveals none now; I expanded all the other categories, found nothing.

Please see what happened, can this be corrected? I hope so...
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Good afternoon - and thank you for asking! The Format search facet is still available - and as you noted, one of the best ways to narrow down your search. My first thought for this situation is a function of how the search facets are displayed when there are a lot of options. Your search results may look something like this: 

When the 'Format' facet is collapsed down like that, you can click on the little downward 'arrow' on the dark background next to it and you should see the Book/Movie/Audio search limiting options that you're used to appear. 

If that doesn't resolve the problem, or if the search interface or results you're seeing look very different from what's pictured here, reply to this message or call 402-444-4800 and we'll keep troubleshooting. 

Thanks again!

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