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I would like to receive an email as soon as the book I requested is available for pickup at my preferred location.

Instead i receive an email some time later saying it is ready for pickup.
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Thanks for your suggestion! 

With the way our system is currently set up, hold notifications have to be batch processed - they are pulled from the database daily, the notification message is generated, and they're emailed out. Looking at my own hold notices, I believe they usually come around 8AM daily. Email notification is certainly faster and more reliable than the print or telephone notifications that we used to rely on, but I can appreciate that in this day and age there's a reasonable expectation of getting more immediate email notices. Your suggestion will help keep that on the table for future software development or selection, but in all honesty that's a longer-term goal.

We do have a couple of options for getting a more up-to-date picture of your hold requests, though! The fastest method of getting hold notices is text notification. The initial registration can be a little complicated, so if you're interested I'd encourage you to ask about it next time you visit your neighborhood library. With this service you should receive SMS alerts within hours or minutes of holds arriving, rather than daily. 

To get an up-to-date picture of your account, including which holds are in transit or ready for pickup, you can also use our MyOPL online catalog or install the MyOPL app on any mobile device. 

Thanks again! Please feel free to follow up here if you have any questions, or call 402-444-4800.

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