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I am looking for the book Minimalism: Leading A Meaningful Life by Milburn And Nicodemus. I did a search but came up empty. Does the library have it?

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Thanks for asking! It looks like we don't currently have "Minimalism: Live a meaningful life" in our collection. That being said, it looks like we've had a huge surge in interest in one of Millburn's newer books, Everything that Remains. If our vendors are able to deliver it, I think there's a very good chance we'd consider adding it into our library's holdings. I'll enter a suggestion for purchase, and you can use our online form to do the same. If time isn't pressing, I'd encourage you to check back in a couple weeks to see if we've ordered the book, at which point you could get on the request list for it. 

If you need the book on a shorter timetable - still allowing for a couple weeks of processing time - you could request the book through inter-library loan. That would be a short-term loan from one of the libraries around the country that does own the book, and would carry a postage cost to you. It's often our best option for older or more specialized materials; in this case, though, I think it's well worth waiting to see if we can order it. 

I appreciate your interest. Feel free to follow up here or call 402-444-4800 with questions.

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