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BiblioCommons User Feedback

The following feedback was submitted on Fri Apr 18 21:08:32 EDT 2014.
Username: Maxine1dog
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Comment: biblio_site_feature_suggestion - Whoever designed this site is obviously not a library user. Giving every conceivable component of the library equal presentation on the site would be like making every book the same size, color and length, then only the words would be different! Think for a minute--aren't some activities and features of library usage more customer intense? Doesn't every customer need to check books out and check books in? Wouldn't it make sense to make the RENEWAL FEATURE a little more obvious and easy to find since it is frequently used? I don't want fancy code and symmetry on a website--I want functionality. Make the presentation of frequently used activities of the library large, colorful and bold. Don't hide these important features in dull, boring bottom-of-page lists in small type. Just put a great big "RENEW" button somewhere and do your customers a favor. Staple has the "EASY" button. What do you have?

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Thanks for your feedback; good points about functionality! I'm forwarding this to our webface managers.

Martha/Main Library

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