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I can't get anything from the link to Freegal. It just gives me a generic note about what the service is with no links to it.

Here's what it gives me: About Freegal Musicâ„¢ The Freegal Music Service is a download music service sold to Libraries for free use by its registered cardholders. Please check with your local library to see if they have subscribed to the service. The service is only available to subscribing libraries and members, and you must enter the Freegal Site via the Library URL. The Freegal Music Service is operated by a private company, Library Ideas, LLC of Fairfax, Virginia. For questions about the service, please contact your subscribing library.
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Hi.  I'm not sure which link you are using, but it sounds like it is taking you to the wrong place.  That sounds like the generic Freegal website.  You can only get there bypassing through our website, as it will identify you as one of our patrons.  Try these steps and see if you are successful!

  1. Go to our website at
  2. Find the blue bar across the top of the screen, and hover your mouse over "Catalog" to see a menu of options
  3. In that menu, click on "Music Downloads"
  4. You will see some descriptive text, and at the bottom a link that says "Click here to download music from Freegal"
  5. When you click on that link, you will be at a site where you will need to enter your library barcode and PIN
  6. After you enter this information, you can start downloading free music!

This should work.  It sounds as though you were trying to go directly to the Freegal site.  Remember that you have to pass through our site first so that it knows you are legit!

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Other Answers / Comments (4)

  1. When I follow these directions, the interface takes me to bibliocommons, and doesn't leave the catalog menu open long enough for me to read it.
    by Marcia on Mar 12, 2013.
  2. The menu should stay open if you HOVER your mouse on the catalog link. Don't click anything yet! Wait until the whole menu pops down, then move your mouse down to the music downloads and THEN click. I changed the text of the original answer to clarify this.
    by Russ Harper on Mar 13, 2013.
  3. No mouse on the samsung galaxy tab, sorry. Any way to use this xite via a tablet?
    by Marcia on Sep 15, 2013.
  4. Here is the direct link to the music downloads page:

    From there you can tap on the image to be taken to the Freegal site or you can tap on "Click here to download music from Freegal.
    by Lindsey Bray on Sep 16, 2013.

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