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I am looking for this book, Your Perfect Right, by Robert E. Alberti on audio tapes

I need to check this book out for a class. I have dyslexia and listening to tapes or cd's is much easier for me than reading. Thanks
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Thanks for contacting us! It looks like we only have the print version in our library's collection, unfortunately. I did some searching - it looks like the last commercially available audiobook version was on audio cassette from 1999. From the library side of things, my best recommendation is inter-library loan. ILL allows us to reach out to libraries around the country and see if one can lend the item through us to you for a little while. You can submit a paper application at any of our library branches or use the WorldCat database to submit a request online. (If you check out WorldCat, try an ISBN search for 9781572941458) With our inter-library loan service there will be a postage cost to you - always less than $6, most often around $2.50, so weigh that against price/shipping on Amazon, etc. The other thing to keep in mind is that inter-library loan can be a slower process. If you need to have the book in hand within the next two weeks, it's probably not the right fit. 

I also took a look around the National Library Service that provides audiobooks for the visually impaired. While that wasn't necessarily the right fit, they pointed toward a non-profit organization called Learning Ally that specializes in producing audio recordings of textbooks and educational materials. Learning Ally does have subscription fees, but they do have Your Perfect Right in their proprietary collection and it might be worth checking out their services as your coursework continues. 

That's a lot of typing. If at the end of the day it's simplest to fight through the paper copy, let me know and I can have it to any of our library locations for you in a matter of a day or two. If you're interested in inter-library loan and have questions about that process feel free to follow up here or call 402.444.4857.

Thanks again!

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