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Please add a mechanism to give us feedback on our feedback.

Please add a mechanism to give us feedback on our feedback.
Not just being facetious here - I feel as though my suggestions and comments disappear into a black hole and are never heard from or seen again.
When I suggest a purchase, I provide my library card number. You can use that to contact me with a response to my suggestion.
Thank you.
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Dear Judith,

I'm sorry that we have not been able to respond personally to your suggestions! We get so many requests (hundreds every week) that it has become impossible. However, if you call or email we are always happy to check whether an item has been purchased. Can I check on something for you?

Keep in mind that if the item was published more than two years ago, the collection department cannot normally buy it. We are probably buying a bit less right now, too, since our budget is flat this year.

I hope this helps a little....

Martha/Main Library

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