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I am looking for a book do not know the author or title.

This book I read in college, 2004 or 2005. It was a story about a young woman caring for an older person, maybe her grandmother. It was a wonderful example of how someone passes. I don't know if it was fiction or not. I remember there was a scene when the elder was taken to her garden to enjoy the sun and her flowers.
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This one may be a little too vague to pinpoint, since there are many books, especially fiction, that feature the elements you describe. I've shared it with my colleagues, and will let you know if we come up with some possibilities. You could also try the book puzzler sites I mentioned in response to your other query. Or let us know if you think of any more details that might help identify the book--such as names of protagonists, setting, etc.

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I have had what sounds like a good guess!  What about:

No More Words, by Reeve Lindbergh, published 2002?

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