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I am looking for a book that I don't remember the title or author.

I read it in 1978. It was a book that was on the subject of self awareness. It had practice exercises using a mirror. It also discussed being able to communicate telepathically with others. I remember it being a paperback maybe 300-350 or so pages. There were some illustrations. I remember the cover being black and white with a bit of red in the design.
That's funny, my age is 45- 150.
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This is a tough one, I'm afraid!  I've shared it with my colleagues in case someone remembers this book. You might also try posting your query at one of the book puzzler sites--for example, or

If any of us come up with it, I'll let you know!

Martha/Main Library

Update: Several suggestions have come in for this one; could it have been:

Jane Roberts, Adventures in Consciousness (1978);

Julius Fast, Body Language (1970); OR

Maxwell Maltz, Psycho-Cybernetics It was a self-help book originally published in the 60's and the index does mention telepathy. The cover is also black and white with red.

I hope one of these is the right one!

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