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Does the library have Windows 8 installed on its computers?

I am working on a project for school and need to use Windows 8. Do the library computers run that system? If so, may I reserve a computer? If not, do you know of any local places that would allow me to use that system?
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Hi!  I'm afraid the library computers run Windows 7.  I checked the Criss Library on the UNO Campus, but their computers also run Windows 7.  I also contacted FedEx Office, but their computers run Windows 7 as well.

Depending on what you are trying to do, its possible that a computer or electronics store such as Best Buy or Nebraska Furniture Mart would have a demo computer that you could use for a short period of time. 

Otherwise, I think your best bet may be to track down a friend or instructor who uses Windows 8.  

We do have a some books about Windows 8 (mostly instructional in nature).  We also provide online access to articles about Windows 8 in magazines and journals such as PC World.  Would those be at all useful to you as you work on your project?

I hope this helps.  Best of luck!

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