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Does the Omaha Public Libraries have any rules for giving out cards from churches that promote getting things like free Bibles?

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Thank you for question.  If I understand your question correctly, you would had out cards which the recipient would redeem for a free Bible or other items.  The answer is not a simple yes/no.  Your question can be answered by reviewing  the: 

City of Omaha policy on access of demonstrators, solicitors, and petitioners to walkways and entrances of the Omaha public libraries. 

 The policy states:

Policy:  leafleting, political campaigning, exhibition of signs, petition signature gathering, political or charitable fund raising, and other expressive activity is permitted on the exterior areas of library property, including the connecting walkways, to the extent otherwise permitted by law.  such activity will not be permitted (a) on the buildings' exterior steps and entranceway; (b) in any way that obstructs or otherwise interferes with access to the buildings, which typically includes an area five feet laterally from the sides of the entrances and exits and ten feet in front of the entrances and exits; (c) within the vestibules to the buildings; (d) on handicap accessible ramps; (e) on vehicle parking surfaces; (f) outside of the hours the building is open to conduct business; or (g) any place that obstructs or interferes with driveways to the buildings and their parking areas.  any activity that damages public property is prohibited.

Mary J. Mollner

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