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For whom is Emile Street named?

Last Updated: Dec 20, 2010  |  78 Views

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Great question - usually this is an easier one to answer!  But Emile St. (pronounced like 'Emily' by the way) is proving a bit difficult.

We have two great resources for Omaha street names:  A book called The Streets of Omaha: Their Origins and Changes, by former Omaha library employee H. Ben Brick has the history of most streets.  Unfortunately in the case of Emile St. it only tells us that it used to be called Division St.

The second resource we often use is from the Douglas County Historical Society at their webpage Omaha Street Names.  But Emile isn't in the list!

You might try contacting the City of Omaha Planning department.  They may have more information.  Their phone number is (402) 444-5150.

Sorry we hit a dead end on your question.  We tried as hard as we could!

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  1. Can you tell me why it is pronounced "Emily"? I has been driving me crazy for years. It should be pronounced "Eh-meel".
    by Julie Sommer on May 18, 2016.

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