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I had to return a digital book that had to be deleted in the cloud. Where can I get instructions about how to follow these instructions ?

Last Updated: Mar 27, 2013  |  9 Views

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Thanks for your question!

If a book has gone past its due date, it automatically returns and should already be off your library record.  Once returned, you can always check it out and download it again if you haven't finished.

To fully delete titles from your ereader, there are a few options, depending on what you use to read:

If you use Amazon Kindle:

  • On Amazon's website, go to Manage Your Kindle, where you should see a list of books you have purchased and loaned from the library.  If you hit the yellow button on right of the listing for your expired library book, one of the options should be to delete.  You can skip this step if you wish - it doesn't affect anything if it stays on Amazon's list
  • On your Kindle device, if you click (or tap and hold) on the title that has been deleted, it should give you an option to remove it from your reader.

If you use Overdrive and ePub or PDF books:

  • On a mobile device with the Overdrive app, you should be able hit the plus sign on the right side of a listing and choose delete.
  • On a PC through Adobe Editions, if you right-click the title, there should be a delete option.  Then if you had used Adobe Editions to load the book onto a reading device, you should just be able to delete it from your device like any other book.

Please let us know if you have further questions - thanks!

Russ Harper
Library Specialist
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