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Why did the library go away from the 4 day renewal

I just had to drive across town to turn in a book because library by me isnt open until Tuesday.
Last Updated: Nov 29, 2010  |  52 Views

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We're sorry for your inconvenience! 

But please remember that even if your local branch is closed you still get credit for returning your books on time by putting them in the book-drop.   Any item you return when we are closed is checked in as if it was turned in during the previous business day.

For instance if your library branch is closed Sundays and Mondays you can return a book any time before we open on Tuesday.  Any items we check in that Tuesday morning are checked in like they were returned Saturday

You can also renew any book online or by phone to save yourself fines as long as no one else has requested it.

And are you referring to the 4 day grace period?  It is true the Omaha Library stopped using the grace period as of Oct. 1, 2010.  We made a number of changes in our circulation procedures on that date for two reasons.  First, to bring us in line with what other cities of Omaha's size do with their library fines.  Secondly, the Mayor's office asked all city departments to look into ways they could save money and unfortunately removing the grace period was one of those ways.  This was the first major change in our fine structure in over ten years.

Once again we're sorry this inconvenienced you - hopefully this response will help you avoid future problems.  Please let us know if there's anything else we can do to help.

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