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I teach Spanish at Brownell-Talbot School. I'd like to use the Muzzy Online from the OPL site in my classroom as a supplement activity to the Muzzy

eries. Since this requires a library card to use, do you have codes set up to be able to use in a scenario such as this? Please respond at your earliest convenience. Beth Rivera,
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What a great idea!

The only code we would use is the library card number itself.  If you were showing the Muzzy information on a projector to the whole class, then your card should be all you need.

Otherwise, each individual student would need their own card in order to access the database on their computer.  I'm assuming that most, if not all, of your students are Douglas County residents, so the card would be free for them.  And luckily, Brownell-Talbot is within walking distance of our A. V. Sorensen Branch.  It might be easiest for the parents to register their children at whichever branch is convenient to them, but you could also visit as a class and bring card applications for those who need it - just call them at 402-444-5274 to set up a class visit and/or to get some forms to you.

I hope this answers your question.  Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with - thanks!

Russ Harper
Library Specialist
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