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What does "Pre-loaded Audiobook" mean?

I usually check out books on CD, but I don't know what that pre-loaded audiobook means.
Last Updated: Sep 01, 2012  |  1316 Views
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Hi! "Pre-loaded Audiobook" refers to Playaway devices that have one audiobook stored on the device. They are essentially small mp3 players, but you can't put additional content on them.  There's a headphone jack, so you listen to the book by plugging in headphones or speakers.

The device remembers where you leave off, so you just press "play" each time you listen. If you listen to audiobooks in the car, CDs are probably easier, but if you listen while walking or running, the playaways are very convenient.  I'd  recommend taking a look at one of the devices next time you come into a library, even if you don't think you'll check one out. They are stored near the CD Audiobooks in orange cases that are about the size of a DVD case.

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