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I was sent an e-mail notice that I have an e-book ready to download. When I go into the account in your e-mail to download the ebook, it says there i

nothing there. Another problem: when I type in your website on my ipad, it redirects me to "". Another problem: I have spent many, many hours trying to figure out your e-book functions and lists, etc and have no luck whatsoever. Is it possible to come into the library to get help?
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It sounds like you do have a few problems!  We'd be more than happy to help walk you through the process to download eBooks if you want to come in, and hopefully also fix your problems.  In the meantime, I can hopefully provide some help here.

First, I don't know why your iPad would direct you to when you try and get to our site, unless it somehow got set that way on your device.  Our website should be  For eBooks, it would be  Once you log in at that site with your library card, you should see the books you have waiting to download by checking your account. 

But you do need another important piece of software, and that is Overdrive. This is what you would use to download and then read your books on the iPad.  You can download it here.  Make sure you get the iPad/iPhone version.

I hope that gives you at least a start on fixing your problems, but please come in and see us and we'd be glad to help in person.

Thanks for your question,

Russ Harper
Library Specialist
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