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Does the Omaha Public Library accept books as donations?

Will these books be used in circulation? What is the criteria for a donated book/DVD/VHS to be added to circulation and not simply sold at the Book Sales? Thanks!
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Thanks for contacting us. We are happy to accept donations of any kind. You can bring them to any Omaha Public Library location and drop them off. If you know the number of hardbacks, paperbacks, DVDs. Etc., we will be able to give you a receipt for tax purposes.

Most of the time, your items will not be used for library circulation but sent to the book sales.  However we do evaluate all dontations before sending them.  In rare cases, if something is in great demand like, say, a current blockbuster best-seller or DVD in good condition, or would have a particular use for our patrons, such as a unique book about Omaha history, then we might add it to our collection.  There is no hard-and-fast rule, but items are judged on a case-by-case basis.  Sorry, but we have phased out nearly all of our VHS tapes and aren't looking for anything in that medium. 

Thank you for your question!  Please let me know if you need any more information.

Russ Harper
Library Specialist
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