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I would like to complain about the library manager at Swanson Branch at 2:00 pm today, Saturday, June 2, 2012. There were two lines to check out.

One man was helping a new patron get a card. The other young girl seemed just to be gossiping with a friend. I am handicapped and was in severe pain standing for so long. When I finally got to the front the manager was there and I told her I wanted to complain and ask why you don't have a chair up front so handicapped people can sit when the line lasts more than 20 minutes. She was very rude and unhelpful and suggested I go sit outside the library if I wanted to sit down. How are handicapped people supposed to use Swanson Library? Why don't you have one line for checking out only and let people gossip on the other line?
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I am so sorry you had an unpleasant experience at the Swanson Library. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We want to be sure to accommodate handicapped patrons.

We do have a service for patrons who are handicapped or homebound to have books delivered to your house.  To register you would contact the circulation department at W. Dale Clark Main Library at 402.444.4809.

Below is the information of who qualifies.

·         Any borrower with an impairment that prevents him/her from moving around easily. This would include borrowers in wheelchairs, borrowers who use leg braces, borrowers who use walkers or crutches, borrowers who are sight impaired, etc.


·         A borrower who is temporarily handicapped with an injury such as a broken leg or hip may have his/her borrower type changed to Homebound during recuperation.


·         Many borrowers are mobile during good weather. Winter weather makes travel difficult for elderly borrowers. It is okay, on a seasonal basis, to mail items to the homes of these borrowers.


If you would like to continue using the branch library, we also have self-check out stations

that you can use that usually have no wait time. I hope this helps. Please feel free to

contact us again if you have any other questions or concerns.



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