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Why are books available for check-out but I'm on a waiting list?

I've requested a book, and I'm listed as 28 out of 29 copies, but it says there are three copies available for check out. Can I go to the library and check out one of the available copies?
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Without knowing the title of the book you are waiting for, I cannot give an exact answer!  However, if copies are showing available with a longer waiting list I think it is because the books available are in our Bestseller Express program. 

The Bestseller Express program offers multiple copies of high-demand books that customers may borrow for a small fee at all Omaha Public Library locations and provides an alternative to our traditional hold/delivery system. Customers can choose the book they want from the Bestseller Express shelves in their local Library, pay the $1.00 “rental” fee, and the book is theirs for seven days. Books will be shelved in a distinct and separate location that is easily identifiable and highly visible.

These books are subject to regular fines and fees and cannot be renewed or placed on hold. The books may be returned to any Omaha Public Library. Multiple copies of every book in the new Bestseller Express program are also available in the Library’s general collection for free checkout, and will continue to be available through our very popular hold system.  Funds generated from this service will be used to pay for the Bestseller Express books themselves and for additional copies of high-demand titles to be placed in the Library’s free general collections.


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