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I checked out my ebook on hold and never received it on my kindle and it says that I have checked it out

Last Updated: Apr 22, 2012  |  40 Views
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If you look at your list of checked out items (in your eAccount), there should be a button that says "Get for Kindle."  If you click on that button, you'll be sent to, where you will have the chance to deliver the book wirelessly to your Kindle.  There are detailed instructions on our Guide here:

However, there are some possible reasons why you are having trouble:

1.  If you use the browser on the KindleFire to deliver an eBook to the same KindleFire, you have to turn the device completely off in order for it to show up.

2.  If you checked out an eBook in a format other than Kindle Book, you won't be able to view it on your Kindle.  Examples of other formats are Adobe EPUB and Adobe PDF.

3.  A few Kindle Books cannot be wirelessly delivered to your Kindle.  For these books, you download the book to your computer and then connect your Kindle to the computer in order to transfer the book to the Kindle.

Please contact us at 402.444.4800 if this information doesn't help you deliver the book to your Kindle.

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