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Looking for specific information about Susan Thompson Buffett's civil rights activism.

Time Magazine Jan. 23, 2012, page 36, says Susan Thompson Buffett helped blacks purchase homes in white neighborhoods in Omaha in the 1960s. I'm writing a book about similar actions in Texas and would like to find details about the activities Time alludes to.
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We checked our clipppings file on the Buffetts, but we couldn't find any information about Susie Buffett that specifically mentions helping blacks purchase homes.  She was active on a multiracial panel of women in 1962 that would make presentations about race relations and other social topics.

It certainly is possible that there is more information our microfilm archives of local newpapers of the period.  However, the time needed to search a whole decade would be prohibitive for our staff. 

If you know of any more specific information we could use as far as dates, etc., you could send our research staff an email at  There would most likely be a charge for this service.  Of course if you are ever in Omaha yourself we would be happy to assist you with our microfilm collection at the W. Dale Clark (Main) Library.

Thank you for your question - sorry we couldn't be more specific!

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