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There was a ice cream parlor by the name of Reed's, Reid's or Read's. They made their ice cream cones out of tubes of ice cream wrapped in parchment

paper. Where can I find information on them? Thank you!
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To be honest, there's not a lot of specific information out there - or there's too much and it's hard to sift through.

Historically, there are at least two defunct companies with different spellings of that name.  There was a Reid's Ice Cream Company that had a factory in Blue Point, New York, on Long Island.  A Google search will bring up some rather fun ghost-hunting websites, as the old factory is supposed to be haunted!  Also, if you search the Library of Congress's photo archives, you will find a delivery truck from the 1920's in Washington D.C. with the Reid (no 's') company name. 

Another, Reed's Ice Cream (note the different spelling) used to be an ice cream parlor in Des Moines, Iowa.  Could that be it?  I couldn't find much information on them online, other than a comment about their Nutty Fudge Sundae and that they used to be on Forest Drive.  If this looks right, you might try contacting the Des Moines Public Library to see if they have more information.

The only current companies with that name I could find is a Reed's Dairy in Idaho Falls, Idaho and a small ice cream parlor in Henrietta, NY by the name of Read's. 

Since this question was submitted over 5 years ago, it has generated many comments from people who remember Reed's Ice Cream, which does seem to be from the company based in Des Moines, but with locations in Omaha and Council Bluffs as well.  Look below for some great local history!

Russ Harper, Library Specialist
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Other Answers / Comments (17)

  1. I am also researching Reid Ice Cream Corp which was in NY. I found they were sold in 1928 to Borden, Inc. Check out website Funding Universe under Borden, Columbus, OH the milk co which added ice cream to its line.
    by Vicky on Apr 03, 2012.
  2. There was a Reed's Ice cream store near 30th and Martin in Omaha, NE. They served tube shaped cones. That was back in the 50's.
    by Maureen Albert on Aug 30, 2012.
  3. we started talking about reeds ice cream at our church womens group tonight. i tried to google about the cylinder ice cream that was cut to the 10 cent size etc and fittd into a waffle cone.if you were lucky it stayed there but sometimes fell off. I being the old one was the only one that remembered that. isn't there any history to prove my story?? i have tried several places on the computer . the shack was REEDS in des moines SW 9th along with several other locations.
    by WILMA SEYMOUR on Mar 25, 2013.
  4. As a very small child in the early 50's I lived on North 35th street and remembered my parents taking me to Reeds. It didn't seem like it took very long to get there, as I remember, but I didn't know the address. After reading the previous post, it must have been the one at 30th and Martin. Thanks for that information.
    by Tim on May 05, 2013.
  5. I used to live one block from the Reeds kiosk on University across from the fair grounds. Yes, they sold ice cream that was in a cylinder and smallest was 5 cents. When I was a tot of about five years my mother would give me a nickle and send me to the Reeds store for a cone -- she would watch me go and see me at the stand. I think about this on occasion and wonder if Reeds is still there -- obviously not and that is a shame.
    by John C on May 12, 2013.
  6. i have a letter from Reid Corp to W.J. O'Connor 1927 From R.U.Wood With copany letterhead Its the Best
    by vidal on Jan 04, 2014.
  7. Reeds was an ice cream manufacturer located in Des Moines Iowa from at least the 1930's into the late 1970's (going from memory so this is aprx) Their factory was located on Forest Ave about 21st street or so, and they had neighborhood stands all of the Des Moines area. The last stand was located in Beaverdale, in the late 70s or early 80's and they were well known for their loose meat sandwiches with a steamed bun. I believe they had locations in other midwest towns as well. The ice cream came in a tube and they would cut off the amount of icecream you wanted based on marks on the tube. Last I heard, the ice cream was still being manufactured, but not sure where. It wasn't in Des Moines.
    by Bill Brunia on Feb 19, 2014.
  8. Grandpa is telling stories about Reed ' s ice cream sold in tubes marked in nickel increments. He didn't put his in a cone, what kept it from dripping out? He remembers several stands around Omaha, NE, especially on 16th about a block north of locust. Does anyone remember the hamburger place named Harket House??
    by Teresa WWageie on Apr 08, 2014.
  9. I remember well the Reeds ice cream stands. People lined up at a window to buy. I always got the 5 cent one. There were many around Omaha. I went to the one on 24th between H and I .
    by Rosie on Jul 17, 2014.
  10. The Des Moines Ice Cream & sandwich shop was Reeds. One was at Franklin Plaza between 50th & 49th on the south side of Franklin. Another was west of 55th on the north side of Hickman. They made loose meat sandwiches ("Reedburgers") that I wish I could enjoy again. Other web sites have additional locations on the south & east sides & centrally on Forest Ave. My favorite ice cream was double chocolate almond.
    by Scott Myerly on Aug 13, 2014.
  11. I went to Lincoln High School in Des Moines, Iowa and we had a Reeds right across the street. Went to lunch there everyday. This was 1964 through 1968. I know they later moved to Army Post Road. I would do anything to have the recipe of those Reed burgers, they were the best ever. Anyone know how to make them?
    by Christy Gilliam Loyd on Dec 22, 2014.
  12. Reed's Ice Cream consisted of several bungalow's throughout Omaha and an ice cream factory in North Omaha. The company was co-founded by JD Reed (owner of the recipe) and Christian F. Becker (who handled the business end).
    by Mary Lichtenwalter on Mar 16, 2015.
  13. Reeds Ice cream plant was owned by Reed and my grandfather Christian Becker was mgr. I grew up in Iowa Falls Ia and my mother was Lucille Becker. C Becker first owned a cigar news store in Ia Falls before moving to Omaha in the 30s. I visited the plant and stayed with my grandfather a few weeks each summer as a child. Anyone knowing anything more about my grandfather or the store in Ia Falls and in Omaha please let me know. I lost touch at 16. My mother and father passed years ago. Would like to hear from Mary Lichtenwalt also.
    by Shirley Harms/Mooers on Jun 19, 2015.
  14. I lived on the corner of 16th & Center from 1952 thru 1963, and we went to Reed's ice cream stand on the northwest corner of 16th & Dorcas Street, one block south from our house. And like everyone has said here, the ice cream did indeed come in tubes and was cut into 5 cent or 10 cent sizes. It was wonderful-and the only place to get ice cream near our house back then. Does anyone know if there were any flavors offered besides chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla? My wife, who also came from that area, doesn't think so. And I can't remember. Happy New Year to all!!
    by Jack Shimerdla on Dec 30, 2015.
  15. I lived in North Omaha growing up in the 1950's. Reed's Ice Cream had a plant and ice cream store on 24th & Wirt, next to the Rexall Drug store. I walked by every day on my way to Lothrup School at 24th and Lothrup.
    I now live in Des Moines and have seen the red store colors in photos at Drake's Diner, that were the same as Reed's in Omaha. The Reed's Ice Cream store in Beaverdale, the neighborhood I live in now, had the same color scheme as the Omaha store I remembered. I think Reed's in Omaha closed in the early 1960's, as I don't remember it during my high school years.
    I would like to know if the Reed's in Des Moines and Omaha are the same. Until reading this blog, I didn't know Reeds' had other stores in Omaha.
    by Francis Boggus on Mar 04, 2016.
  16. I have a sheet of 4 Matchcovers from the 1960's for Reeds Ice Cream and it was in Des Moines & Omaha. I was hoping to send it to someone that has some history for this place. To bad I can't attach a photo here.
    by Jeff Ackerman on Jan 06, 2017.
  17. I live in Council Bluffs Iowa when I was younger I can remember 4 stands here on west Broadway 21st on the north side one around Fairmont park 5th ave and 10th st Then in the 50 there was a in side one on 26th and west

    in the 49 and 50 in Council Bluffs Iowa I thank 4 or 5 were in town like 21 west Broadway 10 and 5th ave and up by Fairmount park and on 19 and south 7 st then in the 50 was A in side one on 26th and West Broadway any how I'm some where close
    by Arthur Henderson on Aug 18, 2017.

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