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Where's your book?

Your library is listed as having a book called Hot Dog and Bob and the Ferociously Freaky Attack of the Foot Fighters, but when I looked it up in your catalogue, it didn't show up. What happened to your copy?
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Thanks for asking! I assume that you're using the WorldCat database? The records in OCLC / WorldCat do not always have the most current information about library holdings. Our library catalog will give more consistent and current information. You can find the Hot Dog and Bob books that we do have here:

If we had a copy of Ferociously Freaky etc. etc. at some point in the past, it's been gone long enough that we no longer have a record of it even in the staff side of our catalog. It's not unusual that books will wear out or be withdrawn from our collection over time, especially in the realm of children's books. 

Having fallen down a bit of a rabbit hole with this question, none of the libraries that have records in WorldCat for Hot Dog and Bob #6 actually seem to own a copy, no used copies seem to be floating around for sale, and it's unlisted on Amazon. I suspect that it may have been announced, a handful of libraries created bibliographic records for it as a forthcoming title, and then it ghosted and never made it to publication.

My only recommendation would be to investigate the author's website: You could also try an inter-library loan request to double-check if any of the libraries listed in WorldCat actually have a copy. 

Best of luck, and thanks for using AskOPL! 

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