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I have an interlibrary loan book, THE EXODUS. I would like OPL to ask for a third renewal.

The book is scholarly and requires time to absorb the material. The woman in charge of Interlibrary Loans said they rarely renew a third time, but if we don't ask then we won't know. They may actually allow me to have it longer, as long as no one is asking to check the book out.
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The woman in charge of Interlibrary Loan is correct - they rarely ask for a third renewal, I suspect because they rarely get a Yes from the lending library.  However, if you want to pursue this, you will need to re-contact the Interlibrary Loan desk, as they are the staff who handle ILL matters. Urge them to at least try. It is important to keep in mind that this book belongs to another library system and it is ultimately their decision if they want to leave the book with us for another checkout period. If all else fails, and the lending library will not allow another renewal, you can return the book and re-request it.  If you explain the situation, the ILL staff can check to see if it is available from a different library so that you could start over and perhaps get a checkout and two renewals from this new library.  The ILL number is 402-444-4800. 

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