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My school is considering making an audiobook cookbook. Do you have an example I can present?

My Montessori school is trying to sell a cookbook we are making as a fundraiser. I suggested that we make an audiobook, since some our readers are the elderly who might have minor troubles with eyesight, and it's just useful when you've got something flammable on the stove.

I need to present an example of this, and I can't find one.

Can you point me in the right direction?
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Thanks so much for asking! This is a fascinating idea, and seems to be seriously under-represented in the larger market. 

There are no true "cookbooks" in OPL's audiobook collection, but let me link a few books that may at least have recipes, so you can get a feel for how they're narrated. Consider these titles by Michael Pollan, Rick Warren, Emily Nunn and Mark Kurlansky

While most require membership in special programs like the Talking Books & Braille service that serves visually impaired citizens nationwide, there appear to be some cookbooks that have been prepared under special licenses. To learn a little more about the TBB service, I would start by reaching out the Nebraska Library Commission. Similar products are offered under restricted licenses for visually impaired students by LearningAlly and the Perkins School for the Blind

About 15 years ago author Robert Branco produced an audio cookbook for the blind; it may still be available for purchase. See his website here. A "no-measure" cookbook was produced by the Pennsylvania Council for the Blind. 

In a little different track, take a look at this app designed for hands-free cooking (not an endorsement of this specific product, just an example!) You may find it worth your time to search around for similar mobile options - not that it would work for your booksale, but as a proof of concept. 

If you're willing to invest the time and effort to record a basic audio cookbook, and can troubleshoot the challenges that will come along like timing instructions and etc., I think you'll have the chance to offer something really special and scarce. Best of luck! I wish you success in your project and would love to hear how it turns out. 

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