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How do I find divorce proceeding records from 1894 and 1912?

My great-grandmother was divorced once in 1894 and again in 1912. The latter seems to have been a scandal...last name Peyton. Can you help me find details? (ps, I like that you offer an age range from 45-150!)
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I was able to find information on a divorce proceeding in 1912 between Mr. Lacey E. Peyton & Mrs Cordelia Peyton in the Omaha World-Herald digital archive. There are articles on Aprl 10 (or 11), July 19 (or 20) and August 6 (or 7) in that year. They filed for divorce on May 27, 1911 and were married in 1906. It seems that it was a complicated divorce with suits and counter-suits, accusatios of drunkeness as well as infidelity. I can email the relevant articles if this sounds like the right divorce. Or, if you have an Omaha Public Library card you can access this articles yourself (I just search Peyton divorce and 1912 as the year). 

I was not able to find anything about a divorce in 1894 with someone named Peyton.

You can find  more information on divorce records here.

If you need more assistance than this, please see our Local Research page.

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