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finding a book

I'm trying to find two books by two different authors, I think they're both YA. The first one is set in a place where deaths are actual creatures and people receive death letters saying they'll be taken away at a certain time. The deaths help them fulfill any last wishes they have. the cover was red and I think it had either the word letter or death or wish in the title. the main character was a latina girl. The 2nd book I'm looking for is about a girl named Emma who goes to an elite high school for music and is in a band. eventually she gets into julliard. I think the author's last name starts with either C or D
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Does this sound right for the first one? The Wrap-Up List by Steven Arnston. The main character is Gabriela, she receives a letter foretelling her death and must complete a list of wishes before she dies. And the cover is red. 

I am less certain about the second one. One possibility is Friend Is Not A Verb by Daniel Ehrenhaft. Emma is the best friend of the main character, Hen. They is a band involved. It is not clear if she ends up at Julliard or not. Unfortunately, Omaha Public Library does not have a copy of this book.

Hopefully at least one of these is right, but if either of those don't seem right, please let us know and we'll look again.


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