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I would like to find Cornhusker Football Cartoons from 1980s; World Herald says they have been sent to OPL archives.

Before Cornhusker football games in 1980s or so, there used to be a cartoon drawing in the World-Herald sports pages depicting the upcoming game--can I get access to those online, please?
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Thanks for asking! After some searching I don't have a precise hit for the cartoons you're after, but I can at least offer a few places to look: 

For the years 1878-1983, your Omaha Public Library card will give you access to the Omaha World-Herald Historic Archive, which will display articles and pages of the newspaper scanned from microfilm.  After 1983, our World-Herald database switches over to a text-only format that will not capture images, advertisements, and cartoons. Even in the full-view years leading up to 1983, cartoons and images won't show up in keyword searches, so the most viable approach is to browse through the issues around gamedays. 

This is one of those interesting cases where microfilm would be a much more efficient way of finding what you're after - the full history of the paper is available on microfilm at the W. Dale Clark library downtown if you're able to come down and browse. 

The cartoons that you're looking for sound very much like the work of cartoonist Paul Fell; he illustrated Husker cartoons for the Journal-Star in the 80s and 90s, and his work certainly may have been syndicated in Omaha as well. You can see photographs of a few of his cartoons on this Husker memorabilia site and more recent cartoons on his webpage. The library has no digital archive of these images, but we do have several books that collect Fell's cartoons. 

Best of luck with your search! Give us a call at 402-444-4800 if you have trouble getting into the World-Herald archive, though I honestly think it just misses the years that would be relevant. 

Thanks again for asking, and thanks for using AskOPL! 

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