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Why are most new best sellers no longer offered in ebook format?

I love to read the new best sellers, but it seems like there are very few best sellers available in eBook format.
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Thanks for your question!  Was there a particular title you couldn't find?  

In general, we do order ebook copies of popular books, including most best sellers.  I just did a quick search of roughly the top 10 the New York Times Best Sellers list, and everything we have from the list has an ebook version as well.

Part of the problem may simply be scarcity.  While the ebook is probably there, there might be a larger waiting time for it than for the actual physical books, as we order far more 'regular' books than ebook copies on any particular title.  

We are able to lease some of these books from our supplier and then return them when the demand is over for credit.  We can't do that with ebooks, so we can't over-purchase to take care of the rush we get when a hot title comes out.  Which means longer hold lists for fewer books in ebook land.  

I hope this answers your question.  It's not that best sellers aren't offered in ebook format, but more that we can offer more copies of the physical book.

Again, if there is a title we missed for an ebook, please let us know!  You can always request we purchase a new title as an ebook.

Thanks again for your question!

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