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I'm trying to figure out a book title, and can't find it. I found it through Amazon's suggestions, and none of my searches are finding it.

It's an inspirational, oversized paperback. It's set in the South, post Civil War. A woman lives in a *possible* plantation next to another plantation. The owner of the other plantation was an officer in the CW, and has a young daughter who visits the woman. The owner's wife is dead, and died in a different city. The owner and the woman end up getting engaged, but can't get married because the owner's dead wife shows up. At the end, the wife ends up dead (for real) and the wedding happens. The woman has a brother who's name is Cliff, Clayton, something like that. I don't remember any of the other names.
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Just to let you know we are working on this, but haven't found it yet. Still hopeful!  Is this a recently published book?

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