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Wondering how my fines are in collection, when I've never received a written statement?

I've just received a collections notice on some late fines, which I would have paid immediately had I known they existed. Why are we sending people to collections without even notifying them of a balance first?
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Thanks for your question. 

The library does make every effort contact patrons for late items. We send out notices, usually via email first, near the time an item is due as well as follow up with reminder notices at certain periods after items are late and, eventually, considered lost. I could not find your your email address in our system.  Items are considered lost in our system 9 weeks after their due date, or roughly 6 weeks after they have reached the maximum fine.  A bill for the items would be sent to the mailing address we have in our records. The patron is then responsible for the replacement cost of the item as well as their fines, plus a $5.00 processing fee.

If we still get no response we may refer the person's information to a collection agency. This company is a 'friendly' collection agency which specializes in library acounts.  However, if a person moves and leaves no forwarding address or changes their email account or phone number, it is difficult to contact them about their books and fees.

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