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Can't remember name of historical romance book. Please help

I read this book 9 to 10 years ago. It was a paperback book. Set in historical times. A girl runs away from home, gets sold to be a nanny to a man who had a baby. the man falls in love with her, they get married and then she gets pregnant. The girl's parents later find her and are disappointed in her cuz she didn't marry who they wanted her to marry ( I think) but the let it go because she was pregnant already. There's also a scared man in the book. And I think mystery behind the man's wife death. Sorry dunno if I'm missing stuffs on.But I'll really appreciate it if I can find the name of the book. Thanks
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Thanks for asking! I'll do some searching, but this is one of those where there are just so many novels in this romance subgenre that the plot details you remember leave a real needle in a haystack. For now I think my best offer is to point you toward a couple of genre guides / booklists and see if something rings a bell.

Take a look through this guide from USA Today's Happy Ever After blog and this booklist from Goodreads. Do any of the titles look familiar or feel right?

To help us narrow down the search, what do you remember about the time and place where the story was set? England, France, America, Australia? More knights-and-castles or more 19th century? Anything you can provide to help us identify the setting will really improve the odds of success.

Thanks again for asking, and thanks for using AskOPL! 

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