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i forgot my username and barcode but I remember my pin how do I reset the username

Last Updated: May 23, 2017  |  36 Views

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Thanks for asking! Are you looking at your Summer Reading Program account or your account for the Omaha Public Library catalog? The steps you take next will be pretty similar either way. 

Your 4-digit PIN number alone will not be enough to reset your username. I would encourage you to visit your nearest library for the easiest fix - if you are of an age to have a photo ID of your own, or if you can verbally confirm all the details of your account, or if you have a parent or guardian come in with you to show ID, we can attach a new library card number (barcode) to your account in just a couple of minutes. Then, once you have your library barcode, we can help with the other parts of the problem. (If you have your physical library card around anywhere, your barcode is the 14-digit number that starts with 23149-) 

If you're looking at your Summer Reading Program account, our staff can use your library card number and some other information to find your account and look up your current username or help you to change it. If your Summer Reading Program account was created with help from a parent or family member who registered several family members as an 'Account Creator', they may be able to help you find your username, too. 

If you're looking at the main Omaha Public Library catalog, you can use your library barcode (even the new one, if you have to replace it) to sign in instead of your Bibliocommons username. Then go to 'My Settings' or follow this link, and you'll find the option to "manage your username." 

I'm sorry, I know that all comes across as pretty abstract - I really would encourage you to start at your neighborhood library, but feel free to call us at 402-444-4800 and we can at least be sure we're on the same page about what system you're working in. 

Thanks for asking, and thanks for using AskOPL! 

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