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When will All the Light I Cannot See be available to book clubs beyond the city limits?

I can see that there are two book bags for this book. I inquire on behalf of Wednesday Readers at PSV.
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Thanks for asking! I'm a little unsure how to parse your question, to be honest, so let me begin by encouraging you to contact our book club coordinator, April Earl, at 402-444-4828. Talking with her will help to clear up any misunderstandings or wrong assumptions in my reply and make sure we're all on the same page. 

Both of our Book Club bags of All The Light We Cannot See are currently available for request by any Omaha Public Library cardholder. You can find the calendar of availability and place a request through our book club scheduling system, Kitkeeper, at this link: or through our website. The book is still heavily requested, but there are available dates in mid-2017 and 2018.

When new book club bags are entered into the system, some titles are under a brief embargo to allow Omaha Public Library sponsored book clubs time to request them. Nowadays, that turns over about quarterly... in the past it's been as long as six months or a year, but in any case that's long since past for All The Light We Cannot See. There's never been a distinction as to whether a book club was able to borrow a bag based on geography, be it Omaha/Douglas County residents who are naturally eligible for library privileges or out-of-county residents who have purchased memberships - as long as they have someone pick up and return the bag to their nearest Omaha Public Library location. 

I don't think it's what you meant, but our book club bags are not eligible for inter-library loan service, so we wouldn't send them to fill requests from other library systems or outside our service area. Given their high demand, they aren't delivered in the long-term loan program that we have with care communities like Pacific Springs Village, but if a resident, friend, or activity coordinator arranges to pick up the bag from the Elkhorn or Millard library it'll work just fine!

Don't hesitate to call with questions, and thanks for using AskOPL! 

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