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Hi! I'm writing to make a few suggestions for the "suggest a purchase" form. I don't know if this form was programmed/written by Omaha Library staff or if you purchased the software. I'm sure that makes a difference to the possibility of making any changes to it!

First, it would be nice to have "family" in the drop down list for "audience." I suggest many purchases appropriate for both children and adults, so being able to select "family" would help solve the dilemma of having to choose between "children" and "adults" for those particular items. Second, "Freegal Music" would be a valuable addition to the "category" drop down list. So many artists now release individual songs and/or mini albums, so "CD" doesn't really fit if requesting a single song. Is it even possible to suggest a single song purchase for Freegal?

Finally, I really believe the person who suggests the purchase should get "first dibs" on the item if it is purchased and added to the catalog. Since a patron has to log in with his/her library card number in order to suggest a purchase, is there a way for the library to automatically request the new item for that patron? Or is there a way to add that action to the software? I often forget about checking to see if the purchase has been made, and when I finally do, other patrons have already requested it. When I remember to check, sometimes there are different timelines for different purchases, and I have to remember to keep checking back. Also, when a suggestion/purchase has been approved it doesn't necessarily appear in the catalog right away. I'm always frustrated (sometimes mildly, sometimes more so) when I finally find my suggestion has been approved, but I'm number 7 or number 20 or whatever to request it, therefore having to wait quite a bit of time before I and/or my family get to enjoy it.

I appreciate the option and ability to suggest items for the library to acquire. Hopefully some or all of these ideas might be possible to include in this process to help improve it. Thanks for reading and considering!

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Dear Tosia,

Thank you for your excellent suggestions! I will forward them to our collection management team.

The suggestion in your second paragraph would be great, but I believe there is a technical barrier---there is no automatic way to "save" the request until we have the item to link it to, since the item doesn't yet exist in our system. We can hope for a technological solution eventually, but unfortunately we don't have it yet.

Best wishes,

Martha/Main Library

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