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Need to fin a book but i don't remember the name of it. What I remember is below: Can you help?

It is about a brother and sister who go back in time after accidentally stumbling across a portal. I think they go back to the 17th century. The woman (this is a adult book) is trying to find her brother and get back to the present time. She meets a man who helps her, they fall in love and eventually she finds her brother and they make it back to the present time. The man that she falls in love with stays in the past. This all takes place in the same city (past and present time). In the last chapter the woman wanders into an antique store and spots the man's sword displayed on the wall and discovers that the owner of the store is a descendant of the man she met in the past. I thought it was a Nora Roberts book but in looking through all her books I could not find it. Could be another author. Can you help?
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Thanks for your question!  That could be so many things, and even though you gave us many details it's still a bit hard to narrow down.  The closest Nora Roberts thing I could find was Time and Again (Formerly published as two books, Time Was and Times Change), about 2 brothers, one of which stays in the past, but they are both from the 23rd century and stuck in our time, and the books are no longer in our system, if we had them.

It could be one of the later Outlander books by Diana Gabaldon, as well, where various family members jump back and forth in time.

Other romance authors who dabble in time travel a bit are Jude Deveraux and Linda Howard, but they don't seem to have written anything with a sister and brother like you describe.  

You gave us such a wealth of detail, I hate to ask for more, but it might help us get further.  Do you happen to know what city it was set in?  Many of these time travel romances end up in Scotland somehow, so if this book doesn't do that, it's a good thing to know.  Also, were there any special things or circumstances that caused the portal to open for them?

We'll keep looking as well - thanks!

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