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How do I get Dandy Gilver and the Unpleasantness in the Ball room on an interstate loan?

I believe my librarian requested once but never came.
Last Updated: Dec 07, 2016  |  8 Views

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Thanks for asking! First and foremost: Are you an Omaha Public Library cardholder? If you live in Douglas County, NE and have an Omaha Public Library card, we have Dandy Gilver and the Unpleasantness in the Ball Room in our collection and can make arrangements to have it sent to your neighborhood library - email back with your library card information or call 402-444-4800. 

My understanding of your question is that you are a resident of another community and had requested the book through inter-library loan via your own library? Most libraries - OPL included - will not lend items via inter-library loan within twelve months of their publication. Inter-library loan is a courtesy we extend to each other as libraries, but we all share a vested interest in making sure that our patrons have first access to new materials. The edition of Unpleasantness that we own is the February 2016 softcover printing, so the book would still have been within that year embargo when you first placed your request. 

You're absolutely welcome to place an inter-library loan request with your local librarian again at any time; there may be other libraries in the WorldCat network that respond. We would gladly consider an ILL request for the item after, say, March of 2017 if you don't find a lender in the meantime. 

In a general sense, when you are interested in titles published in the last year or so, encourage your local library to order a copy of the book! Even libraries with small budgets or collections want to respond to the interests of their patrons, and there may well be other historical mystery readers in your community who would be glad that you advocated for the book. 

Thanks for using AskOPL!

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